Emily Watkins Special Tasting Event - 19th September

Emily Watkins heads to The Pony & Trap on September 19th. The chef-proprietor of The Kingham Plough in Oxfordshire first cut her teeth in Florence before moving back to the UK to work under Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck in Bray.

In 2007, with plans for her own place firmly in mind, Emily moved to Gloucestershire. Her sister, who lives in Kingham, tipped her off that the local pub was on the market. Enthused by the location and ready access to top-quality suppliers, she opened the doors to her own eatery – The Kingham Plough – aged only 28. Inspired by her historical research into old Cotswolds recipes, Emily Watkins’ inventive modern British cuisine is still centred on traditional cooking using contemporary methods. The menu often features very well-known British dishes – a Wellington, for example – but brought up-to-date with sophisticated technique and inspired reinterpretation